Government Arts and Science College, Kudavasal

Principal Desk


Dr. E. Marimuthu


A vision without action is but a dream; action without vision is waste of time; but vision with action changes our lives. So we have a vision to develop a knowledge based society with clarity of thought & the edge of excellence in the endowment of teaching and learning process. Our focus is on imparting holistic Education, develop a community of scholars with talent and expertise that will participate in engineering excellence and national development and culture to students through intellectual inputs and transformational activity, centred experimental self discovering process to embolden them to assume responsibility, to take charge and act rightly and effectively.

I wish that our students will Come forward to learn, go forth to serve and excel into the world with great strength, not only to do job but to remain beautiful human beings.

I feel greatly proud to be associated with this prestigious Institution. Serving for the nation builders is a noble cause. The well-known Chinese proverb tells, “If you plan for one year, plant rice, if you plan for hundred years, educate people.” Leadership quality and personality development are vital for young teacher trainees.

Teacher Education refers to the policies, procedures and provisions designed to equip teacher trainees with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the classroom.

I extend a warm welcome to our students to have a great future and success.