Government Arts and Science College, Kudavasal


The Library of our College

Welcome to the GASC, Kudavasal library!

Library is the knowledge treasure. The library has wonderful collections in the form of Books, Journals, Magazines, Dailies, online Databases, E- Journals, Projects, etc. It has around -,--- Books, - National & International periodicals to enrich and gain knowledge to the user community.


To disseminate the valuable information to the user needs in the modern digital world.


To Support the curriculum and fulfill the information needs of students, faculty and administration.


Books Collection

Total Number of Books


No of Journals


No of Magazines


No of Dailies


Back Volumes


E- Books


E- Journals


Dissertation/ Projects



  • Reprographic services
    • Photocopying
    • Scanning
  • Open Access System
  • Reference Section
  • Question Bank
  • Browsing / Surfing from Internet


  • Circulation Services (Issue and Return/ Renewal)
  • OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  • Internet Services
  • Reference Services
  • Reprography Services
  • E-Library / Digital Library
  • Online E-Journals and E-Books through N-LIST and NDL
  • Open Source Resources from
  • Question Bank
  • Project dissertation and thesis are available.


  • Library users must maintain silence inside the library
  • All users should wear college ID and enter their details in the library gate register
  • All bags and own books must be left outside the library
  • Library staff shall not take any responsibility for the loss of personal property inside the library
  • Users are required to show their items to the library staff before leaving library
  • Don’t mark, deface or mutilate the books; if done, fine will be collected
  • Users are not allowed to eat, sleep or discuss inside the library. If there is a necessary to discuss about subject, noise must be kept to a minimum


  • Borrowing period is between interval, lunch break and after college hours in all weekdays.
  • All students must present their ID before borrowing the books
  • Students are not allowed to borrow books on behalf of others or transfer borrowed materials to other students.


The library shall function during the following except holidays:
Monday to Friday: 08.45 to 16.00 hrs.


  • Books shall be loaned subject to the following conditions.
  • Borrower should be satisfied with the library document lent to him/her is in sound condition and the pages are neither missing nor torn. In case a library document is found to be damaged and the same has not been reported to the Library Attendant, the borrower shall be held responsible for such damage(s) and the borrower shall be required to replace it or pay the value there of as determined by the Librarian.
  • Library document should not be spoiled by underlining or writing with pen, pencil, ink or by any other means.
  • Library document loaned for the normal period may be renewed for one more loan period on production of the same, provided they are not already claimed by other readers.
  • Library document is non-transferable, and students/faculty cannot borrow library documents(s) on other member’s account.
  • Library documents which in the opinion of the Librarian are not in good condition shall not be issued for home reading.
  • Library documents to be taken on loan should be presented at the check point.


The following charges shall be recovered for each library document after the decided period of loan from the borrower.

i. Text Books: Rs. 1/- per day during overdue.
ii. Library documents issued for overnight: Rs. 1/- per day during overdue.

Books lost: The member shall report immediately to the Librarian for loss of any library document(s) borrowed from the library. The following charges shall be recovered for the loss of library document(s).

i. General book: Replacement or the current price to be paid
ii. Text book and reference book: Replacement or current price to be paid.

Unauthorized removal of the library documents: Removing library documents without getting them properly issued is a serious misdemeanor.


Photocopy service is offered for library books and journal articles for Rs. 1/- per copy to all the students and faculty.


Dr. J. Jayaraj
Librarian (I/C),
Asst. Prof. of Mathematics
GASC, Kudavasal, Thiruvarur.